Ghost Effects Warmjet V

Based on the very rare WEM Project V fuzz pedal as used by Brian Eno on 'Here come the Warm Jets' and other recordings.

This is a modified version of the Project V, I breadboarded the circuit 'stock' first and decided to make a few changes, mainly getting rid of the drive/edge output toggle switches.

Instead of the switches I added a control to dial in the 'edge' tone, quite similar to the 'Timbre' control on a Buzzaround.

The 2 bias controls set the gain and texture of the circuit, I prefer to mount the texture control externally and the gain control internally.

If needed I can mount both externally or internally, there are photos on my Facebook showing the different ones I have done.

There are 8 transistors in the circuit, I use 7 BC108b, and 1 BC557b.

A 9V DC input is fitted as standard, the circuit is negative ground and needs a negative tip 9V DC adaptor or battery.

Cases are powdercoated by Bournes, with the labelling screenprinted by Missionprint, both local Birmingham based firms.

The Warmjet V PCB was designed by Stu Castledine and professionally manufactured in the UK.

Available NOW for 150 plus shipping.


Ghost Effects Warmjet V Manual


As used by Karl Hyde from Underworld, and Freddie Cowan from The Vaccines.




Ghost Effects Warmjet V PCB.

Available NOW at 10 each plus shipping (June 2019 batch), Email for info.


Warmjet V PCB PDF Guide



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