Custom builds, One Offs, Prototypes, Oddities.



BC001 - Burns Buzzaround.


BC002 - OC44 Rangemaster.


BC003 - OC44 Rangemaster.


BC004 - Maestro FZ-1a with output capacitor 'Tone' control.


BC005 - Maestro FZ-1a.


BC006 - Maestro FZ-1a.


BC007 - Roland BeeBaa AF100.


BC008 - Maestro FZ-1 with output capacitor 'Tone' control.


BC009 - Tone Bender MK1.


BC010 - Maestro FZ-1a.


BC011/BC012 - Tone Bender MK1.


BC013 - Rangemaster, Effects Database giveaway prize.


BC014 - Rangemaster.


BC015 - Tone Bender MK1.


BC016 - Tone Bender MK1 with output capacitor 'Tone' control, for Hookworms.


BC017 - Tone Bender MK1 '1965' style in a small case.


BC018 - Tone Bender MKIV.


BC019 - Tone Bender MK1 with output capacitor 'Tone' control.

BC020 - Rangemaster.

BC021 - Tone Bender MK1.



BC022 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC023 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC024 - Fuzzrite/Nu-Fuzz hybrid.

BC025 - Rangemaster.

BC026 - Zonk Machine/Tone Bender MK1 hybrid.

BC027 - FZ-1 with output capacitor 'Tone' control.

BC028 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC029 - Tone Bender MK1 with output capacitor 'Tone' control.

BC030 - Rangemaster.

BC031 - Tone Bender MK1 '1965' style in a small case.

BC032 - Rangemaster.

BC033 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC034 - JHS Selectatone.

BC035 - OC44 Rangemaster.

BC036 - Silicon Fuzzrite.

BC037 - Maestro FZ-1.

BC038 - Zonk Machine.

BC039 - Zonk Machine.

BC040 - 'Eric Johnson Fuzz Face.



BC041 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC042 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC043 - Fuzz Face.

BC044 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC045 - Hornby Skewes Treblebooster.

BC046 - Rangemaster.

BC047 - Regulus 'Os Mutantes' Fuzz, for Black Mekon.

BC048 - 'Eric Johnson Fuzz Face.

BC049 - Silicon Fuzzrite.

BC050 - DBA Interstellar Overdriver for Hookworms.

BC051 - Point to Point OC77 Rangemaster.

BC052 - Harbinger (Bass heavy Tone Bender MKIII with no Tone control).

BC053 - WEM Project V.

BC054 - Silicon Doom Box.

BC055 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC056 - Silicon Doom Box.

BC057 - Point to Point Rangemaster.

BC058 - Silicon Doom Box.

BC059 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC060 - Germanium Fuzz Face with external bias..

BC061 - Maestro FZ-1a.

BC062 - Point to Point OC42 Rangemaster.

BC063 - Point to Point OC42 Rangemaster with input capacitor tone control.

BC064 - Regulus fuzz.

BC065 - Point to Point Rangemaster.

BC066 - Silicon Pep Box.

BC067 - Buzzaround.

BC068/BC069 - DBA Interstellar Overdriver and Tone Bender MK1.

BC070 - Buzzaround.

BC071 - Warmjet V.

BC072 - Tone Bender MK1.

BC073 - Supa Tone Bender.



BC074 - Warmjet V.

BC075 - NKT214 Buzzaround.

BC076 - Tone Bender MK1 with level and tone controls.

BC077 - Buzzaround.

BC078 - Rangemaster.

BC079 - Rangemaster.

BC080 - Buzzaround.

BC081 - Rangemaster.



BC082 - Rangemaster.



BC083 - ??????????





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