Fuzz and Booster guitar pedals handbuilt in Birmingham UK since 2004 by myself Ian Sherwen.

Specialising in clones of rare circuits from the 1960's and 1970's, and also modified classic circuits with more built in functionality.

Custom orders welcome, please email me - info @ ghosteffects.co.uk - if you have a query.


Warmjet V - Version of the very rare WEM Project V

Silicon Pep Box - Clone of the Silicon transistor WEM Rush Pep Box

Sounds of Today - Heavily modified, high gain version of the Tone Bender MK1 circuit

FUTURA - Tone Bender MK1 clone built in the style of the 1965 original

2065 - Tone Bender MK1 clone built on tagboard

HARMONIC GENERATOR - Burns Buzzaround clone

Aston Community Centre Treblebooster - Version of the Rangemaster circuit

Mind Rocker - Fuzz Face and variants


Ghost Temporal Research

Black Country


Solasound Tone Bender MK1 re-issue


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