Ghost Effects The Horn Treblebooster

Based on the John Hornby Skewes Treblebooster.

The original 1960s units were amptop boxes with no level control.

For this version I added an output capacitor blend 'Tone' control, and a level control.

The circuit also has drop down resistors to help combat 'popping' when the circuit is switched in.

Great for brightening up and pushing a dark sounding valve amp.

Can also sound good after fuzz for tone shaping and before fuzz for boosting though the background noise levels raise a bit with the latter combination.

I use a military spec CV7355 transistor which is high gain, low leakage, great for booster circuits.

The circuit is built in a rugged point to point style.

Labelling is a professionally printed vinyl sticker.

Available NOW for 99 plus shipping.



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