Ghost Effects Lunar Incantation

Based on the Mosrite Fuzzrite with the addition of a 'Tone' control similar to the one on the Rosac Nu-Fuzz.

Case designed by Mark Murph, PCB designed by Tim Cooper.

Controls are Level, Depth (mixes between 2 gain stages in the circuit), and Tone (output capacitor blend but with more potential for bottom end than the Nu-Fuzz).

Capable of more bassy tones than a Fuzzrite or Nu-Fuzz, but can still do trebly garage fuzz as well.

A 9V DC input is fitted as standard, the circuit is negative ground and needs a negative tip 9V DC adaptor or battery, power can be daisy chained with 99% of modern pedals.

Cases are powdercoated by Bournes, with the labelling screenprinted by Missionprint, both local Birmingham based firms.

Available NOW for 99 plus shipping. A limited number of Green Hammertone or Purple cases with Orange print.





Lunar Incantation PCB.

Out of Stock! More available in 2017.


Lunar Incantation PCB PDF Guide

Here is a stock Silicon Fuzzrite built on a Lunar Incantation PCB.


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