GHOST TEMPORAL RESEARCH - Fancy retro futurist experiments with classic Fuzz circuits.


2065 - Tone Bender MK1, Tagboard construction, multiple controls.

OUTSIDE CONTEXT PROBLEM - Big Muff and variants, Tone control substitution, vero board construction.

FUTURA - Tone Bender MK1, Vintage style Phenolic and Point to Point construction, Level/Attack controls.

WOLF FLOW - Tone Bender MK3/MK4 and variants such as Dizzy Tone and Buzzaround.

ONE BRAIN - Custom Warmjet V with 1 or 2 external bias controls.

EXOTIC - Special one offs, unavailable to order, keep an eye out for them!


Available in Matt Black or Gloss White only (apart from the red ONE BRAIN and the yellow EXOTIC), with custom engraved Traffolyte labelling.

Price depends on the exact details of a particular build, approx 150-300, please Email - info @ if you have a query.

Loads more photos on my Instagram page.